How it Works


Get the data, verify pipeline & tune performance

64% of company leaders we survey say they need to monitor ROI but say it is either 'too complicated' or 'they do not have a process'


How it works

Gather the Data You Need Quickly

Your business is likely to use between 8 and 15 'core business apps' to operate.

MarketingManager software gathers all the marketing and financial data you need to calculate ROI and as the marketing and sales team updates their pipeline performance, our software automatically calculates ROI performance across multiple channels.

MarketingManager easily and quickly gathers web site traffic data along with lead and sales data combined with expense data across multiple business systems. We make it easy and fast for you to gather your information and give you manual options should we not yet be integrated with the systems your business uses.

Collaborate to Verify Pipeline Performance

Sales and marketing leaders have very different incentives, but must work together to achieve the common goal - more sales!

We know when sales and marketing leaders collaborate on verifying the validity of the leads generated by marketing activities and continuously iterate on the status of those leads, they out perform their competittors. MarketingManager provides you with the Performance screen where leads are marked with a Status - Not a Lead, In Process or Sale.

MarketingManager provides marketing and sales leaders with an easy to use lead verification process and in some cases automates this process depending on which marketing automation or CRM that is in use. This helps users learn how to increase sales conversion rates, increase the number of sales qualified leads and improve the targeting of these leads in future marketing activities.

Assign Marketing Expenses to Channels

When surveyed, 83% agree that a 'good return on investment' is additional revenue, but those same people do not account for the expense side of the ROI equation.

The MarketingManager ROI reporting software syncs expense data from your business credit card, bank account or accounting software making it fast and easy to identify your markeitng channel expenses - a key component of calculating net ROI. There is a manual option to enter expenses as well.

If your team has never really gone through the process of evaluating ROI performance on marketing activities before, it can be an eye opener. But, it also puts you and your sales and marketing leaders on a path to thinking about marketing as an investment, not a cost.

Visualize ROI Performance

Sales and marketing leaders and CEOs can visualize when marketing cash goes out and revenue from sales comes in.

Over time, your investment in marketing and sales collaboration will result in improved ROI which will result in an increase in revenues.

With an ability to gather revenue and expense data the MarketingManager ROI reporting software provides visulaizatings of key marketing and sales KPIs.


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