About Us

Channel and pipeline analytics is where you find the gold

Our philosophy is simple

Every marketing and sales leader responsible for growing a business should work together.

In order to work together well marketing and sales leaders need to be able to easily and quickly gather critical marketing, sales and expense data so they can have clear visibility of pipeline performance and ROI - this is a continuous and iterative process.

Built to Save Time in a Complicated World

Get to the bottom line of business performance faster

We are all pressed to do more, better, faster and time is our valuable currency.

Marketing Manager software is for those entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives who have everything except a way to get to the bottom line of marketing ROI and sales performance without wading through a half dozen systems and several people.

  • Understand marketing ROI
  • Verify how sales is performing with the Leads they get
  • Improve your marketing and sales processes

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