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CEOs manage profitable revenue growth

Sales leaders improve sales conversion rate

Marketing leaders increase qualified leads

Your business spends tens of thousands on marketing each year, not including labor. Isn't it worth a fraction of your marketing expenses to find out whether or not your marketing efforts are paying you back?

We know what you are thinking - it's too complicated, where do we even start? MarketingManager software gathers all the marketing and financial data you need and automatically calculates marketing ROI and other marketing performance metrics like lead conversion and sales conversion.

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ROI by Sales Channel

ROI (return on investment) is the only way to know how well your marketing and sales leaders are working together to optimize pipeline performance. It seems silly not to maintain visibility marketing and sales return on investment.

  • Gathers critical data for calculating sales channel ROI
  • Calculates lead and sales conversion rates
  • Tracks sales pipeline and dollar value of sales

Collaborative Pipeline Managment

Marketing automation and CRM software enable marketing and sales staff to perform daily activities. Some even have dashboards, but none enable marketing and business leaders to evaluate marketing ROI performance like MarketingManager
  • Get email alerts when it's time to verify leads that have come in
  • See sales conversion rates clearly
  • Lead quality becomes visible

Monitor Multiple Web Sites

Whether you are a company with micro-sites or a marketing professional or marketing agency that needs to monitor marketing performance for multiple clients, MarketingManager software enables you to add sub-accounts to track critical marketing analytics. CEOs, marketing and sales leaders can track sales pipleline performance across multiple channels and multiple internet assets.
  • Track performance on more than one web site
  • Get visibility across your entire portfolio
  • Drill in to get detail on individual web sites


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May 4, 2016
Marketing attribution

Hidden Secrets of Marketing Attribution Revealed!

Marketing analytics is definitely booming. In fact, the amount spent on it is predicted to increase by a whopping 73% between 2015 and 2017. However, some marketing managers are wondering if it’s really worth it – if it is really a cost-effective way to drive sales. The short answer is […]